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Forms & Resources

COVID-19 Helpful Resources:
COVID-19 Food Distribution Site Cleaning Guidance
Steps To Deter Coronavirus
Steps To Deter Coronavirus (Spanish)

2021-2022 Client Intake Forms:
TEFAP Income Guidelines
TEFAP Intake Form
TEFAP MFP Intake Form
TEFAP Intake Form (Spanish)
Language ID Tool

Agency Operations Forms:
Refrigeration Temperature Log 
Partner Agency Change of Information Form
Monthly Service Tally Sheet
Partner Agency Site Visit Checklist
Food Safety Training Log
Meal Temperature Log

Agency Sign Package:
Agency Bill of Rights 
Fresh Foods Site Bill of Rights
Fresh Foods Guest Bill of Rights
Guest Bill of Rights 
Guest Bill of Rights - Spanish
TEFAP Written Notice of Beneficiary Rights
Food Pantry Statement of Services
Partner Agency & Guest Bill of Rights
USDA Civil Rights Training Log.

Food Safety:
Food Keeper App
Food Keeper Brochure
Shelf Life of Common Food Bank Products
The Color of Meat & Poultry
Keep Your Food Safe During Emergencies

Partner Agency Feedback Form

Retail Partnership Agreement:
Retail Partnership Application 

HPNAP Capital Equipment & Operation Support Grant Forms:
HPNAP Capital Equipment Transfer/Disposal Form
2020-2021 HPNAP Important Dates Chart
2020-2021 HPNAP Operations Support & Eligible Expenses Chart
2020-2021 Operations Support and Equipment Documentation Submission Form
2020-2021 HPNAP Terms & Conditions
2020-2021 HPNAP Operations Support Transportation Expense Form

Important Forms for Local Produce Award Awardees:
2020-2021 Local Produce Award Reimbursement Request
Vegetable Conversion Chart
Fruit Conversion Chart

Important Nutrition Forms:
Food Dating Guide
Food Safety Steps