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Strategic Focus Areas

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Strategic Focus Areas

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Unrestricted & Sustainable Funding

Goal 1

Over the next five years, the Food Bank of Central New York will raise $180 million in food and funds to advance the mission and strategic goals of the organization.


  • Fundraising: $23,000,000
  • Grants: $2,500,000
  • Investments: $270,000
  • Government: $39,000,000
  • Program Revenue: $8,000,000
  • Food: $102,230,000
  • Capital & Strategic Goals: $5,000,000
  • TOTAL: $180,000,000

Community Partnerships & Referral Network

Goal 2

Lead and educate the community through collaboration with community partners to increase visibility, educate, and engage our community inclusive of all Food Bank’s services.


  • Develop comprehensive communications plan
  • Networking/engagement opportunities for partner agencies
  • New community partnerships

Goal 3

Develop and execute a community-wide strategy, driven by advocacy and agency partnerships, to increase food security for the region. 


  • Advocacy visits/contacts with elected officials
  • Calls-to-Action targeted at grasstop supporters
  • Advocacy Index Score

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Goal 4

Increase procurement and distribution of culturally appropriate foods.


  • Collect and analyze data from recipient households
  • Percentage of cultural foods available in inventory
  • Percentage of partner agencies that order cultural foods from Food Bank
  • Update food donation policy to include cultural food preferences

Goal 5

Center client and community voices to ensure that Food Bank programming and services are appropriately serving current and future needs.


  • Contracted interpretation services
  • Inclusion of individuals with lived experience as part of Food Bank community governance
  • New activities in underserved areas
  • Focus groups with emergency food program recipients
  • Decrease in food insecurity rates due to positive impact on the root causes of hunger

Goal 6

Ensure the organizational budget supports the necessary staffing to fully implement Food Bank programs; employ staff in a way that recognizes and utilizes employees’ unique contributions, skills and abilities.


  • Market analysis completed for Food Bank positions
  • Staff retention rate for 12 months
  • Stay interviews completed with staff
  • Complete an organizational asset map

Goal 7

Develop a culture of inclusion and belonging that provides opportunities for professional development.


  • Create and fill director of diversity, equity and inclusion position
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion trainings
  • Paid professional development training completed by staff
  • Employee Engagement Survey response rate

Resources, Food Distribution, Equipment & Facilities

Goal 8

Ensure a robust and secure food system by identifying, sourcing, and distributing food products that increase food security, contribute to desired health outcomes, and meet the needs of the community.


  • Retail Partnership Program pounds distributed
  • New food sourcing relationships
  • Increase physical capacity to distribute product
  • Total pounds distributed

Goal 9

Support Partner Agency Network’s ability to sustain, serve, and expand capacity.


  • Capacity support provided to partner agencies
  • Percentage of partner agencies using a full client choice model
  • Activities to improve end user experience

Data Analytics to Fuel Decisions

Goal 10

Establish a data-driven culture that informs all decision-making, maximizes efficiency of our resources, and improves the end-recipient experience.


  • Service gaps identified and solutions implemented
  • Agencies/sites that fully implemented Service Insights
  • Transportation cost/pound
  • Warehouse selection accuracy
  • Facility utilization rate
  • Create a secure central database for Food Bank staff
  • Communicate data trends internally and externally
  • Programs and services are evaluated annually


Goal 11

Create alignment between technology systems used by stakeholders to ensure relevant, efficient, and secure data collection. 


  • Complete inventory of software and hardware
  • Complete and analyze stakeholder survey
  • Evaluate IT investments to facilitate efficient collection and sharing of data
  • Develop comprehensive cyber policies to support system-wide data security

Goal 12

Build technology knowledge capacity and depth across the organization to support a culture of innovation through technology use. 


  • Key IT positions identified and hired
  • Internal user group established and functional