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Farmers' Market Demonstrations

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Farmers' Market Demonstrations

We’re coming back to the market!

In partnership with the Urban Farmers’ Market project, Food Bank of Central New York is excited to continue hosting Just Say Yes to Fruits & Vegetables (JSY) workshops and recipe demonstrations at the Syracuse Downtown Farmers’ Market in Clinton Square. This initiative cultivates nourished communities through promoting the benefits of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables at farmers’ markets to inspire healthy habits using fresh seasonal produce.

Every Tuesday from July 11 through September 26, our JSY Community Nutrition Educators will prepare delicious recipes using local farmer fresh produce from the market. Workshop sessions start hourly, 10:00 am through 12:00 pm, and run about 40 minutes in length.

Workshop topics include a variety of topics such as: Nourishment Is More Than Nutrition, The Food You Don’t Digest, Fruits & Veggies Full Of Flavor, For The Love Of Food.

Each attendee will receive a recipe sample, colorful recipes and handouts, a useful kitchen item, and $4.00 in farmers' market Health Bucks coupons to be used to purchase locally-grown produce at the market. Each workshop provides practical nutrition information using USDA-approved lesson plans.

For more information, please contact Debra Mimaroglu, Community Nutrition Manager, at (315) 437-1899 ext. 275.

2023 Workshops:

Date Workshop Information
July 11 Nourishment is More Than Nutrition: We all have different relationships with food and food can bring meaning to our lives in a variety of different ways. We will discuss how nourishment involves more than just good nutrition and may vary for different people.
Featured Ingredient: Cherries / Featured Recipe: Cherry Salad
July 18 The Food You Don't Digest: Have you ever wonder if there are foods we don’t digest? The answer yes and these types of foods are beneficial to our bodies. Today we’ll explore some of the different types of foods and the benefits of incorporating them into our diets.
Featured Ingredient: Blueberries / Featured Recipe: Blueberry Thyme Salad
July 25

Fruit & Veggies Full of Flavor: Can you think of a time when you’ve enjoyed eating fruits and vegetables? Let’s share what fruits and veggies we add to our diets while we talk about their taste, cost, nutrients, and cultural fit. 
Featured Ingredient: Plums / Featured Recipe: Plum Cucumber Salad

August 1

For the Love of Food: Do you know how much food is wasted by the average American household each year? The answer might surprise you! We will discuss storage and freezing techniques to ensure the commonly purchased fruits and veggies stay fresh longer.
Featured Ingredient: Broccoli / Featured Recipe: Ginger Garlic Broccoli Stir Fry

August 8

Beans Around the World: You might ask yourself what’s so special about beans? Beans have a number of benefits; they’re packed full of nutrients and best of all they’re inexpensive. We will discuss different ways to prepare them & and what impact they play on your diet.
Featured Ingredient: Summer Squash / Featured Recipe: Summer Squash & White Bean Salad

August 15

Mindful Meal Makeover: Mindful eating includes more than bringing an increased focus and attention to food and eating. We will discuss the role that our routine and eating environments play in our ability to find satisfaction in our food choices.
Featured Ingredient: Tomatoes / Featured Recipe: Somali Summer Salad

August 22

Cut the Salt, Not the Flavor: Salt is essential for good health, but only in small amounts. Eating more than is recommended may have negative health outcomes. We will discuss common sources of sodium, reasons why limiting this is important, and share ideas for other spices and herbs that can be used to create flavor.
Featured Ingredient: Peaches / Featured Recipe: Just Peachy Salsa

August 29

Joyful Movement: We know exercise is good for us, but do you know why? We will discuss the many ways that exercise makes us feel better and share ways to stay motivated to move more.
Featured Ingredient: Cabbage Featured Recipe: Cabbage Dill Salad

September 5

Your Hydration Station: Have you ever wondered why staying hydrated is important?  Well, today we will talk about ways to keep you hydrated throughout the day and develop a plan that meets everyone’s different needs. We’ll also discuss how staying hydrated benefits our bodies.

Featured Ingredient: Watermelon / Featured Recipe: Watermelon & Jalapeno Infused Water

September 12 Don't be Fooled by Labels: What do food labels really mean? Why are ingredients listed that way? This can be confusing. We will review and discuss how to read food labels to help develop a strategy for finding the best food for you and your family
Featured Ingredient: Zucchini / Featured Recipe: Zucchini Spaghetti
September 19 TODAY'S SESSION IS CANCELED: We apologize for any inconvenience!
September 26 Becoming a Mealtime Wiz: There are many benefits of planning your meals and no one right way to do it. We will share helpful strategies to incorporate meal planning into our schedules and discuss how staple foods may be used to create easy and inexpensive meals.
Featured Ingredient: Apple / Featured Recipe: Apple & Celery Salad