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Building Expansion 2023

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Building Expansion 2023

Building a hunger-free tomorrow!

We are excited to announce that we are expanding our distribution facility! This 33,920 square foot expansion will help us increase access to nutritious food for individuals and families facing hunger across our 11-county service area.

There are three locations for our expansion:

West End Expansion: 20,800 square feet
This area will feature new volunteer parking, entrance, and bathrooms with access to Furman Volunteer Training Room. Also included are two loading docks for straight truck access, 980 square-foot cooler for storage of perishable foods with access to freezer, racking on perimeter walls, agency pickup area, and our new Wegmans Volunteer Center.

DSC 0081 resized edit Wegmans Packing Area 7.24.2024 1 5 resized

South End Expansion: 6,790 square feet
Also known as "the closet," this area is solely dedicated for dry goods storage and will include a new loading dock. An additional 1,032 pallets of food can be stored in this area.

East End/Office Expansion: 6,330 square feet
This area will feature a two-story addition with new entranceway and closer parking area. There will be 26 additional office spaces to accommodate growing staffing levels and an enlarged staff break room and training rooms. Additionally, conference rooms will be expanded and a new truck entrance will be created to create a safer environment for staff, volunteers, and visitors.

2 resized Upstairs collab space 6 24 24 Break room resized

Our goals for this expansion can be broken down into three focus areas:

  • Increase storage
    Warehouse an additional 1,000,000 pounds of food so we can continue to meet the demand for emergency food assistance throughout the year while focusing on other hard-to-access necessities such as hygiene supplies.
  • Reduce waste
    Utilize donated, perishable food more quickly, preventing these high quality, nutritious foods from entering the waste stream.
  • Increase capacity
    Offer a dedicated repack space for staff and volunteers to pack boxes of food for several current programs while allowing for an increase in the number and types of boxes of food we distribute to accommodate for dietary, cultural, and health-related needs.

The increased capacity of this expansion allows for the Food Bank to achieve the community-centric goals outlined in their current strategic plan, which by 2027, Food Bank of Central New York will be a leader of innovative and collaborative efforts to increase food security and equity.

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For more information about how we are building a hunger-free tomorrow or to make a contribution, please contact Lynn HyChief Development Officer, at (315) 437-1899 ext. 247 or Karen BelcherExecutive Director, at (315) 437-1899 ext. 228.