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Food Bank of Central New York partners with the Just Say Yes to Fruits & Vegetables (JSY) program to deliver comprehensive nutrition education activities to our emergency food network of food pantries, shelters, and soup kitchens. Our Nutrition Educators have put together a collection of some of our favorite recipes that have been prepared and shared at Just Say Yes to Fruits & Vegetables workshops. 



Beet Tzatziki

A colorful twist on the traditional Greek dip! Adapted from ChopChop Family.

Tip: This colorful dip can be served with pita chips, raw vegetables or on a turkey or chicken sandwich.

Did you know: Beet greens are edible! Simply, rinse, chop, and cook in soups or stir fries.

blueberry5Blueberry Thyme Salad

A flavorful combination of classic seasonal fruits. Adapted from Just Say Yes to Fruits and Vegetables.

Tip: Serve this dish on its own with lunch or add fruit to breakfast by sprinkling over cereal or yogurt.

Did you know: One cup of blueberries contains 25% of the daily amount of Vitamin C.


Broccoli Salad 

This crunchy salad comes together in minutes. Adapted from What's Cooking? USDA Mixing Bowl.

Tip: Keep the broccoli in the vegetable crisper of the refrigerator.

Did you know? Broccoli is considered a superfood because it contains such a wide range of vitamins and minerals.

soup3Carrot Apple Soup

A simple and scrumptious soup featuring fall flavors. Adapted from ChopChop Family.

Tip: Soups like this one are easy to make in large batches and store in the freezer. After soup has cooled, ladle soup into gallon or quart size freezer bags (being sure to add label and date) and let out any excess air. 

Did you know: Carrots are a great source of Vitamin A which is good for our eyes as well as our immune system.

salad11Green Bean Potato Salad 

An oil and vinegar dressing gives this salad some zing for a different twist on a vegan potato salad. Adapted from ChopChop Family. 

Tip: Green beans store well in the freezer. Just cook in boiling water for 3 minutes, drain, cool, then store in a resealable plastic bag for 8-10 months.

Did you know? Green beans aren’t always green! They can also be yellow or purple.

DSC 0460

Kale Slaw

 A colorful twist on coleslaw. Adapted from What's Cooking? USDA Mixing Bowl.

Tip: Store kale (or any other leafy green) wrapped in paper towels in an airtight plastic bag in the refrigerator. Wash just before serving.

Tip: Dark leafy greens (such as kale, spinach, collards, Swiss chard) are a good source of calcium.


Peach Compote

Dessert for breakfast? When it's fruit, yes please! Adapted from Just Say Yes to Fruits and Vegetables.

Tip: Compote can be made with any fruit. It can be served warm or chilled, on its own for dessert or as a topping on yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast.

Did you know? Peaches are good source of fiber, so be sure to keep that fuzzy skin on when eating this juicy summer fruit.

DSC 196

Rainbow Wraps

A quick and colorful lunch. Adapted from ChopChop Family. 

Tip: This is a great, simple recipe to make with children.

Did you know? Fruits and vegetables get their vibrant colors from chemicals called “phytochemicals” which provide a wide range of health benefits.

DSC 176

Raw Corn Salad

Never tried raw corn? You’re in for a sweet treat! Adapted from Just Say Yes to Fruits and Vegetables.

Tip: Save corn cobs to make homemade broth. Simply place cobs in the bottom of a large pot, cover with water, bring to a boil, then simmer for 30-45 minutes.

Did you know? Corn is the most-produced crop in the world, yet less than 2% of what is grown is for human consumption. The vast majority is for animal feed.

DSC 501

Tomato Salsa

Try salsa on a variety of foods, such as eggs, burgers or baked potatoes. Adapted from Just Say Yes to Fruits and Vegetables.

Tip: For those who like spicy salsa, feel free to add a jalapeno or two to this a very adaptable recipe.

Did you know? Tomatoes are a good source lycopene, an antioxidant found in the red pigment. Diets rich in lycopene decrease the risk for some cancers and heart disease.