Product Updates


Governor Cuomo's Nourish New York Initiative is a lifeline for our families and our farmers who have been struggling with changes brought on by COVID-19. This critical program helps people who are food insecure to access the nourishment that they need, while providing a market for farmers to sell their products. The program provides funding to food banks for the purchase of agricultural food products such as produce, meat, eggs, seafood, and dairy products from New York State farms and processors. The items are available to our partner agencies at no cost. Listed below is our current inventory of Nourish NY items as well as items expected to be received soon:

NEWShipments of DAIRY BOXES featuring New York based cheeses, yogurt and eggs are NOW AVAILABLE AT NO COST as well as SHELF STABLE ITEM BOXES including New York produced varied dry goods. See below for more details. 

No. Description Description   Quantity on Hand Qty. on Agency Order Pack Size
16-01-0018 WH*DRY GOODS  BOX Free 2,845 69 12 lbs.  2776
14-01-0069 WH*GRAPE JUICE 100% Free 944 193 96/4 oz. 751
07-05-0025 WH*YOGURT Vanilla *FREE* 659 36 12/5.3 oz. 623
07-05-0026 WH*YOGURT Blueberry *FREE* 403 31 12/5.3 oz. 372
07-07-0072 WH*CHEESE SHARP (sliced) Free 415 87 6/1.5 lbs. 328
17-02-0031 WH*BUTTER *FREE* 176 30 36/1 lb. 146
07-05-0027 WH*YOGURT Strawberry *FREE* 148 32 12/5.3 oz. 116
07-15-0009 WH*SOUR CREAM *FREE* 134 32 12/16 oz. 102
23-04-0038 WH*EGGS LARGE *FREE* 145 52 30/1 doz. 93
07-09-0006 WH*COTTAGE CHEESE *FREE* 119 47 12/16 oz. 72
28-10-0023 WH*BELL PEPPERS FRESH Free 60 0 58 ct. 60
28-29-0026 WH*GRAPE TOMATOES FRESH Free 60 0 12/1 pint 60
28-14-0021 WH*SWEET CORN FRESH Free 61 1 50 ct. 60
07-11-1111 WH*DAIRY BOX - ASST FRESH Free NNY 83 32 15 lbs.  51

By ordering and distributing these items to your clients, you provide funding to New York farms! 


Thank you for your interest in receiving reusable bags for your pantry clients. Our first shipment, which took place in early March, was a limited amount of bags. The bags received have already been distributed. However, we have been assured by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation that more bags will be delivered to the Food Bank soon. We do not know the anticipated date of arrival yet. Once the bags arrive at the Food Bank, a plan for distribution will be put in place.

We appreciate your cooperation during this time. For questions or more information, please contact our Agency Relations Department at (315) 437-1899 ext. 256.