Garden Initiatives

Food Bank of Central New York's community food security initiatives promote both the local economy and self-sufficiency among individuals using the emergency food network.

Garden in a Bucket

1,280 kits were distributed to emergency food program guests through 35 partner agency sites. After utilizing our supply of buckets, the Food Bank transitioned to root pouches during last year's distribution. They provide the same benefit as a bucket but are lighter for recipients to carry and can be planted right in the ground if desired.

Food Bank Garden

The second year of the Food Bank garden proved to be bountiful. Cornell Cooperative Extension's Master Gardeners assisted with the planning of different vegetables and herbs for planting. A Food Bank planting day engaged staff to help with the spring planting.

More than a dozen varieties of vegetables and herbs were planted and grew plentifully through the fall. The produce was utilized in nutrition education recipe demonstrations. We continue to invite partner agencies to visit our garden and learn about different methods for growing their own produce to supplement other sources of fresh produce.