Kelly Springer Boilermaker Charity Bib

KellyI am running the Boilermaker on behalf of the Food Bank because I believe that every person should have access to food. As a Dietitian, I understand how important nutrition is for our bodies and for our minds. I am fortunate to have the means to feed my children and myself but know that others in our very own community are not as fortunate. I feel strongly that others should have access to food as we do. I am a member of the Food Bank of Central New York Board of Directors and I am grateful that I have learned more about this organization and how many people they feed. Please support the Food Bank and help put an end to hunger in our communities!

The Food Bank's charity bib team is comprised of five volunteer individuals who have each pledged to raise at least $500 for Food Bank of Central New York in return for a guaranteed spot in the Boilermaker.

Funds raised through charity bibs will support the Food Bank's Diabetes & You program and our Pantry Annex Cold Trailer (PACT) program. Diabetes & You is a collaborative effort aiming to improve the overall knowledge of food pantry guests living with diabetes or pre-diabetes by informing individuals about the disease, how to improve self-management, ways to reduce risk, and what foods encourage a healthy lifestyle. The PACT program, in partnership with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, will simultaneously address hunger and the environmental issue of food waste by increasing storage capacity for perishables at our partner agencies.

Kelly has currently raised: $300

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