Aaron Schiffrik Boilermaker Charity Bib

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This will be my third year running the Boilermaker for the Food Bank of Central New York. Growing up I was always blessed with parents who were able to provide me with food each and every day. My mother would always say, “sometimes we ate chicken and sometimes we ate feathers but we always ate.” We never really ate feathers but my parents were able to provide with food everyday. This year I am running, not only for the Food Bank, but to thank my parents for their hard work, love, support, and the meals they blessed me with throughout the years.

Unfortunately there are families and children who struggle everyday with hunger. Whenever I see a family, child or patient who struggles with hunger and has to choose between necessities such as food, heat or paying for medications, it truly breaks my heart. I hope you will consider contributing to the Food Bank. Each and every dollar will provide a meal for someone who struggles with hunger regularly.

The Food Bank's charity bib team is comprised of five volunteer individuals who have each pledged to raise at least $500 for Food Bank of Central New York in return for a guaranteed spot in the Boilermaker.

Funds raised through charity bibs will support the Food Bank's Diabetes & You program and our Pantry Annex Cold Trailer (PACT) program. Diabetes & You is a collaborative effort aiming to improve the overall knowledge of food pantry guests living with diabetes or pre-diabetes by informing individuals about the disease, how to improve self-management, ways to reduce risk, and what foods encourage a healthy lifestyle. The PACT program, in partnership with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, will simultaneously address hunger and the environmental issue of food waste by increasing storage capacity for perishables at our partner agencies.

Aaron has currently raised: $447

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