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Participating Restaurants

We invite you to join other local restaurants, caterers, wineries, breweries and the central New York community in celebrating Food Bank of Central New York's annual gourmet food and wine tasting fundraiser.

Participants selected for SavorSyracuse are based on a first-come basis. Food Bank of Central New York reserves the right to limit participation from similar food or beverage types to provide guests with a variety of appetizer, entree, dessert, and beverage choices.

Sign-up Form

Please use the following form to submit your intent to have a table at SavorSyracuse. Please note that table configurations and locations are provided on a first-come basis and awarded by the type of food displayed.

Trouble with the online form? Call The Events Company at 315-422-9400 and we'll be happy to help.

 I will use the white linens provided
 I will use my own linens
 I need an electrical outlet
 I do not need an electrical outlet
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Participating Restaurants FAQ

Q: How do I participate? 
A: We ask that you prepare a two-ounce "tasting size" serving of your speciality for an estimated 500 people who will be attending the event. Please bring enough staff to set up and serve your item(s).

Q: What are the benefits of participating?
A: Benefits include:

  • Over 500 food lovers will visit your display area 
  • Recognition in the SavorSyracuse program that will be handed to each guest
  • Advertising space is available in the program
  • Recognition in print advertising if you respond on or before March 1, 2014
  • Name listed on our participants recognition page

Q: What is provided? 
A: A 6' banquet table, linen, hand wash station, and an electrical outlet (if requested in advance).

Q: What about Service Items?  
A: Each guest will receive a wine glass and plate. We will provide you with napkins and paper plates/containers/utensils that are required for the dish you are serving.                                               

Q: Am I required to get a Health Permit?  
A: The Onondaga County Health Department has changed their requirements. No longer can the NFP get one permit for the whole event. Each individual participating vendor/restaurant has to have a separate permit. We will collect the completed permits from and submit them as a group. The Health Department will issue the permit the night of the event. No fee is required.

Q: Do you provide ice for wineries and breweries?  
A: We provide ice for wineries and breweries but you must provide a tub or other container to hold your product.

Q: Are we allowed to sell product at the event?   
A: No, but you are encouraged to donate a raffle item to make a lasting impression on guests and attendees.

Q: How large is the display space?  
A: Participants are typically provided with one 6' banquet table.

Q: Will linens be provided for our table? 
A: One white linen will be provided. However, we encourage you to customize your table with your own linen, skirting, decorations, and signage. Please limit displays to fit on or behind tables.

Q: May I reserve a specific location at The Holiday Inn?  
A: We try to accommodate all requests. However, final location selections will be determined by the type of food/beverage item(s) you will be serving as well as by the table space required.

Q: What time can we start setting up?  
A: Set up will begin at 2:00 pm on the day of the event (April 10, 2014).

Q: What equipment will be provided?  
A: Please come prepared with your own equipment. Propane fuel is not allowed in the hotel. We encourage you to use butane or sternos (a fire extinguisher must be under the table if using flame). If you need electrical power please contact The Events Company at 315-422-9400.

Q: Where do we deliver and remove our food and equipment?   
A: We have two load-in locations located at the exterior doors of the Convention Center. Please do not load in from the Ballroom/Cotillion Room entrance or the main hotel entrance.

Q: Where do I park after I unload my equipment?  
A: Parking is available at the Convention Center in the open lot.

Q: Who has participated before?
A: Click here to view a list of past participants.