Monthly Giving

You can join our Hunger's Hope Partners by making a monthly tax-deductible gift to the Food Bank of Central New York.  These gifts will help secure the future of the Food Bank and our ability to carry out our mission to end hunger throughout central and northern New York.  You'll be making a remarkable difference. 

As a Hunger's Hope Partner, you have three convenient options for giving:

  1. By check - we will send you a partnership packet with a year's worth of gift envelopes for you to send to us each month with your donation.
  2. By credit or debit card - your monthly gift will be automatically charged to your account each month.
  3. By automatic bill pay - simply add your monthly donation to the Food Bank to the list of payments you make through your financial institution.

Enrollment Benefits

Easy to Join

Simply call us to complete the Hunger's Hope Partners enrollment form. 

Fewer Mailings

If you desire, we will limit your mailings to newsletters and special invitations only.  We'll also provide a record of your donations once a year. 

Personal Satisfaction

Your monthly pledge provides a stable source of funds for our organization, enabling us to provide food for individuals and families every day of the year. 

To become a Hunger's Hope Partner, please contact Shannon O'Donnell at (315) 437-1899 ext. 223 or sodonnell(at)