Dear Friend,

As the Thanksgiving season approaches, support from partners like you is vital to supplying the food for more than 3,500,000 meals hungery children, families and seniors in the eleven-county service area of central and northern New York will need from our network of partner agencies over the next threee months.

Just $1 can help provide enough food for 2.6 meals! Imagine how many hungry people you could help with a gift of $15, $20 or event $25! Please continue to help by sending the best gift you can today.

Warmest regards,

Kathleen L. Stress
Executive Director

P.S.Your gift touches more lives than you can imagine! See the bottom of this letter for the many ways you can make a difference. Then send your gift today.


You make a lasting impact.

Your gift to the 2014 Annual Thanksgiving Campaign of Food Bank of Central New York will touch thousands of lives here in our community this holiday season and beyond.

  • Provide food for more than 13,200,000 meals for hungry people all over the eleven-county service area of central and northern New York for the next 12 months.
  • Provide our area's seniors with food, so they don't have to choose between buying medication and eating.
  • Impact our future by providing healthy food for children, to strengthen their resistance to disease and increase their ability to learn.
  • Help keep hard-working parents from falling through the cracks by supplementing the groceries they are able to buy with food through our partner agencies.

We use your gift wisely. $0.96 of every $1 goes directly to programs that feed hungry people.