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Message from the Executive Director

Kathleen in WarehouseI listened to a 2013 interview from the New York City Rescue Mission and the interviewee talked about hope. I wanted to share an excerpt as we move through one service year to the next:

Hope is a powerful word. Perhaps a life changing word. Hope does not mean wishful thinking but expresses optimism about one’s future. Maslow explored the concept of a hierarchy of needs. With physiological [needs] being the foundation of the pyramid. When those basic needs are threatened day after day, if a man or a woman is chronically hungry or cold or sick, hope evaporates.

How do we dispense hope? We help meet the basic needs of individuals and families in need by increasing access to food, clothing, and shelter. By removing the uncertainty of chronic hunger and illness, we enable those we serve to focus on their health and well-being; they are then able to discover and embrace a vision of a better life.

As a supporter of the Food Bank’s mission, you help to create hope. No one hopes to be hungry, but they hope to be fed, to stay in their home, to feed their children. Hope is not just wanting something to happen; it’s also having the grounds and optimism to believe that it actually may happen or be true.

As you read through our annual report you will see how our programs restore and inspire hope. We are reaching individuals and families in need through food distribution, SNAP outreach, Kids Café, and Summer Food Service Program sites. Food Bank of Central New York distributed over 14,201,195 meals this fiscal year, thanks to YOU and HOPE. Thank you for your support and your belief that we are increasing food security for the families and individuals we serve. From hungry to hopeful.


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Food Bank of Central New York is a not-for-profit organization working to eliminate hunger through nutritious food distribution, education, and advocacy in cooperation with the community. The Food Bank is the primary food supplier for 250 emergency food programs in our eleven county service region of central and northern New York.

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Food Bank of Central New York is a member of Feeding America.