Product Updates

New products for September 2014:


New item- DN Shampoo (12-01-0020) 6/ 13 oz bottles per case.  This ia an Alberto VO5 product- a great way to provide your clients with a necessary household item!

We have a variety of fresh produce items available.  All products can be ordered through the menu, up to one day prior to delivery or on the spot when you pick up. 

Produce for August

WH Grape tomatoes (28-29-0006) 12 individual pints per case.  New shipment available 9/2/14

WH Eggplant (28-30-0003) 20# per case. New shipment available 9/2/14

WH Sweet Corn (28-41-0008) 18 pound bag.  New shipment available 9/2/14

WH Green Bell Peppers (28-10-0001) 58 count per case. New shipment available 9/2/14

WH Raspberries (28-32-0008) 12/6oz per case.  New shipment available 9/2/14

WH Peaches (28-17-0003) New item for the summer- locally grown peaches! 25 pounds per case. New shipment available 9/2/14




Click on the links below to view all of the new and exciting inventory items!

Attention all youth programs in need of snack items - check here for New Wholesale Snack Items!

New Donated Items - check here for donated items just added to the menu!

More Chobani Flips are on the menu - for details, check out the Yogurt Flyer.

For meal sites, please review the following document for available frozen Food Service Size Products for Meal Sites.

For DN*SOUP BLACK BEAN (item 06-07-0005), please review Panera Bread Black Bean Soup Ingredient and Cooking Information for additional details. This product is for meal sites only.

16-01-9093 Assorted Food Drive (Boxed) - ordering maximum is now increased to 56 cases per agency.