Member Programs

The core of our work is achieved by partnering with local member programs that distribute food to families in need. The key partners that make up our emergency food network are food pantries, soup kitchens and emergency shelters. Other not-for-profit agencies such as day care centers, rehabilitation centers, senior centers and group homes are able to utilize membership as a way to supplement their agency food needs.

Food Bank Services Provide Support to the Emergency Food Network:

Grants:  As the local contractor for the NYS Department of Health’s Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance Program (HPNAP), the Food Bank supplies annual grants to our emergency food programs to help cover the costs of food, capital equipment and the non-food operating expenses of managing a food assistance program.

Nutrition Education and Expertise:  The Food Bank’s registered dietitians educate our network about food safety and sanitation, creating balanced pantry packages, preparing healthier recipes at soup kitchens and general nutrition information.

Networking:  We work with our member programs to build relationships, collaborate and coordinate services and establish partnerships to share information and ideas.

Technical Assistance:  Food Bank provides training in record keeping, safe food handling and best practices to protect the integrity of food distributed through the network as well as the privacy of program recipients.

Model Program Education Series:  We work to improve our programs from good to great by providing workshops, training and materials to help our network implement optimization strategies and increase effectiveness.

Supplemental Orders:  To prevent empty shelves and food shortages, Food Bank provides free supplemental shipments of core food products to our member programs. These shipments ensure that food is available in our emergency food programs whenever a person in need requests food assistance.

If you are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization interested in applying for membership, please contact Annie Ockert at (315) 437-1899 x251.