The Practice of Meditation

Community Center at Fayetteville Towne Center

Date: Sunday November 18, 2012

Time: 6 to 8pm

Cost: $25 ( a portion of the proceeds to benefit the Food Bank of Central New York)

Join us for a two-hour class that includes:

  1. Practical techniques for anyone new or familiar with a meditation practice
  2. Breathing practices for decreasing stress, increasing awareness, pain management etc.
  3. Compelling reasons to initiate your own meditation practice
  4. Learn different types of meditation - Guided, Unguided, Samyama, Metta/repeated phrases, Walking

Wear comfortable clothing; bring a blanket and/or cushion, journal and pen.

To register call or e-mail: 

       Chris Capra 446-7636 or ccapra54(at)


      Faith Gaylord 652-1459 or faithgaylord4147(at)