Tell Us What You've Done

Once you have taken action (sent a letter, made a phone call, etc.), we’d like to hear about it! Whom did you see or talk with? What did you discuss? What was her or his position on the issue? This will help us as we plan our next advocacy strategy. If you have a copy of the letter or article, please upload as part of your submission.

 Form of Communication
 Telephone Call
 Newspaper Article (Op-ed, letter to the editor)
 Personal Letter
 Personal Visit
 Group Sign-On Letter

Tell us about it!

Which elected official did you contact/target? Whom did you speak with or address? What issue(s) did you cover? How did the office respond to your concerns? Where and when was the article published?

Is there anything we can do to help with follow up efforts? Please provide specific details.

Always Say Thank You!

After you have talked with your elected official by phone or in person, or after he or she has voted your way or done something else to help you, send a thank-you letter! The vast majority of of all mail elected officials recieve is either asking for personal favors, complaining about something the government has or has not done, or blasting the elected official for something he or she has not done. A thank-you really scores. Besides, it is the polite thing to do!

Your information will be kept secure and will never be shared with outside parties without your permission.