… because it takes more than food to end hunger.

In order to make the systematic change necessary to achieve our mission of ending hunger, the Food Bank of Central New York engages in advocacy activity. Through advocacy, we work to support and strengthen programs and policies – both governmental and non-governmental – that guarantee adequate nutrition for everyone. As the call to advocacy is a part of our core mission, we seek to make it an integral part of all we do.

The Food Bank of Central New York works with local, statewide and national anti-hunger organizations to support legislation addressing food and other critical needs of low-income people. Join us in the fight against hunger and become an anti-hunger advocate. Together we can make a difference!

What can you do?

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This web page will include up-to-date information of interest to anti-hunger advocates, as well as an archive of previous alerts.

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Check out the resources of Advocacy 101
Advocacy can be very complicated and intimidating, but there are some basic rules that anyone can follow, and everyone – including the least experienced – can learn to be effective. We have prepared our Advocacy 101 materials to serve as an introduction and reference guide to help you become an effective advocate. These include advocacy tips for letter writing and phone calls and the how-to’s of meeting with elected officials.